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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 3, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> in the newsroom the biggest game in years for the oakland athletics gets underway in just over five hours. we'll have a live report coming up. >> a violent 24 hours in oakland, five people are killed in separate shootings. there's a new tip system in oakland for police trying to stop it. >> looks like we're seeing clear conditions as we take a live look for mount tam can this morning. temperatures are on the warmer side '70s first of
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warmus inland areas. you will notice a cool down some of areas only going up until the '90s. we'll have the full forecast in just a bit. >> in the east bay we're seeing heavier conditions now. the bay bridge back up is up to 15 minutes. highway interstate 80 is heavier traffic is up to the nimitz freeway. highway 4 and interstate 580 with volume building on the south freeways as well. the north bay rides are still pretty light. >> the improbable season for the amazing age continues. they beat the rangers at the coliseum three to one in front of 30,000 fans. there was one run allowed over six innings. they've tied the rangers for first place in
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the west. this is the 162nd game of the season. al began just after 12 said that. >> this was not supposed to happen this is like cinderella crashing the ball. it's an unbelievable story in baseball right now. most experts pick the coast oakland a's to lose a hundred games and now they're on the process of winning the american league west. they're already in the playoffs and that's great news. if they win today they are the champs of their division and will have one of the best records in all of baseball. probably the most improbable story and all of baseball. they have one of the smallest pay rolls and they were 13 games behind the texas rangers on june 30th before they made this unbelievable round. they won five in a row. it
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did make it 60 their division champs. they will not have to go to the crazy wild card playoff scenario. they can sit at home and wait to figure out who they are going to play. to put in perspective, their payroll was 55 million giver take a few million. the new york yankees are close to $200 million and there's only one win separating the two teams. this has been one of the most unbelievable runs as far as a team that was basically left for dead on the side of the road. to come back and be where they are today one way one when away from the division title. there's a guy that got here at 6:00 this morning, he's ready to go he drove in from sacramento. he said the this is the most unbelievable season he's ever been a part of. he said he is in watching days
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since 1968. >> the athletics are in the first place for the first time since 1928. the game decidin >> firefighters are battling a fire and east bay this morning. we're talking about berkeley on the 2900 block of bentley ave. you can see that is pretty densely packed with residential house is all around. houses are right along the side of property and looks like the damage is pretty extensive. >> yes of we are able to see how extensive that damages. you can see here that it basically just burn through roof. firefighters arrived
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here this morning about 1219 this morning and they saw a lot of smoke coming from the back. their main concern was was anyone in the home. this was a homeless family of five. they were able to safely get out of the house. one was wheelchair-bound in berkeley police department help that person get out of the home. as soon as they were clear that they were able to address this fire pretty aggressively. they went to a defensive mode where they were using a ladder and addressing it from the inside. ruth basically collapsed and caused a lot of pockets and there are lot of places for fire to collect. it was quite a bit of a battle for the firefighters but they were eventually able to put this fire out. their main concern after knowing everyone safe an outhouse
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was the adjacent homes. these sums are pretty close by and there's a lot of brush and trees around here, at one time these people also had to be evacuated. they are now back in their homes. investigators are on the scene and now it is daylight they can see exactly what caused this fire. >> violence is continue to escalate in oakland. a man was shot and killed yesterday afternoon and that was the fifth murder in oakland and less than 24 hours. investigators say the recent shooting was being investigated and they're not sure if it is related to the other four murders that happen in the past 24 hours. we learn more about one of the victims killed yesterday morning. it is a 23 year-old popular working at the east oakland community center. he also served as a use mentor.
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san jose police are investigating to shootings that happened late last night. one happen on the corner of as the street and cast drive, they found one man suffering from a nonthreatening life gunshot. they found out about a second man that had been shot and he took himself to the hospital. they have not release any information as if they think the shooter is. >> we'll be back with more headlines than just a few minutes and here is the view from mount pam moore we have a beautiful day taking shape here around the bay.
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>> the dow jones industrial average is down 22 after being down 33 yesterday. our report shore in the u.s. service firms grew in september at their fastest pace since march. this is all coming out before the all-important september jobs report on friday. we will see if the u.s. employment unemployment rate has changed. >> a new apple product is getting some of us. is it is it real? they and the attention of the unveiling of the new 8 in. ipad
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product, if it is truitt it could hit the stores by the holidays. amonte during the height of the recession and unemployment benefits were handed out to more with those trying to make ends meet. they collected just over $11,000 or seven weeks of unemployment benefits. the legislation had not been passed to limit millionaires from collecting benefits. >> will be back with more and a couple of minutes. we will ease off of the heat that we have experienced the last couple of days. traffic is sent flying pretty well on the 680. we
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>> if you're born to be at ocean beach today and giant ocean military craft lands on the sand don't worry it's been planned. it is part of the disaster response training exercise and it has been scheduled for 10:00. it's part of fleet week. it
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could help out in the event of an emergency bringing supplies as well as personnel. you'll be kind of neat to see happen. the blue angels are also in timtomtown .f they're normally six jets but four have arrived and the other two are still on the way. there will be in a hangar near the executive turmoil at sfo. tomorrow and friday they will be practicing and on saturday and sunday at the team will be performing their fleet week routine between 3 and 4:00 p.m.. lots to look for and you get the best seat in the house which is you're all collegown couch. you can gel
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the sights and sounds from the comfort of your living room here at kron4 at 3:00 p.m. on saturday. >> we're looking at a cool down today. >> a lot of people are looking forward to it we broke some records yesterday but a lot cooler today. it will still be beach whether maybe not bikini whether you'll probably need shorts and a tank top. the mt. tam camp shows a relatively clear start to the morning. at 62 in oakland 54 out the door in about zero currently. future cast for says by lunchtime it will be the time of the outdoors. '70s and '80s all across the bay. we will get a couple of degrees as we head into your afternoon highs and with that we indicate the red which shows '90s. low
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nineties for the livermore valley and morgan hill. the majority of the bay valley and the horns indicating '80s and expects '70s along the coast. after known highs temperatures are dropping by about 10 degrees compared to yesterday. south bay low 80s today, 82 in santa clara and again livermore in the warm spot a in walnut creek. the north bay pretty as sunshine go round napa at 84 degrees for a warm and comfortable conditions meant the upper 70's for the east bay shoreline and 78 for ocean beach. for fleet week those of you have to watch the blue angels this weekend will be practicing on friday with morning fog and clearing into the afternoon saturday and sunday will be
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a cool start to the day. temperatures were only climb into the low mid-60's at best. these are the conditions for the san francisco waterfront you'll probably need a sweater because conditions this weekend will be nothing compared to what we started with the work week. the seven they are on the bay forecast shows in addition to cooler weather we have the potential for some showers. maybe sprinkles, spotty at best. 10 to 20 percent chance and it looks like it will be a little greater as we start the next workweek. the rain will stick north of the golden gate bridge. on to traffic now good morning george >> no hot spots that is the good news. the bay bridge to the toll plaza traffic is not blocked up and to the macarthur maize but to it. we're looking at 18 to 22 minutes depending on your approach. longer if you're
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coming from 24 to macarthur maze. the san mateo bridge no construction delays but it slows a bit at the base of the high-rise. the drive times are only 12 to 13 minutes so not a bad drive yet. they could really slow down later as it has been. the golden gate bridge writers still smooth and beautiful beautiful community with no fault. the east bay drive the volume is up and the drive time is now 24 to 26 minutes. hercules the berkeley have your traffic coming out of pleasant hill. the san ramon valley drive looks pretty good. the south bay 101 as of the slower the freeways with a 280 is starting to get heavier at the 17 interchange and 85 is heavy through saratoga for the northbound ride. marin is starting to show some slowing coming for rowland north of highway 37 and the drive time from 37 to the golden gate bridge is now 32 minutes. the volume there is definitely building.
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>> that an update on the story for spar yesterday about the train derailment. a trucker says he doesn't know why he drove his big break into this trap amtrak train causing the train to come off the tracks. this happened in the central valley town of hanford. the train had originally led from oakland. witnesses said the crossing arms at the track were down and the lights were flashing. nonetheless this driver plowed through the crossing at 55 m.p.h. and he says he doesn't know why. he walked with minor injuries and 39 people on that train also hurt. >> we're learning more about the border patrol agent that was killed on duty near make arizona. the patrol says that he came under fire after a sensor and gone off by the border. another unnamed asia was also wounded but he is expected to recover. they're working
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with local law enforcement to look into this. he joined a border patrol in 2008. he is the third asian to die in a line of duty this year. a hearing will be here next week to discuss whether the accused shooter's beard will be forcibly shave when he makes a court appearance. he claims he wears a beard for religious reasons and refuses to shave. the army criminal court of appeals delayed its start. the attack killed 13 and wounded 32 others. >> and recent cancellations and delays caused by american islairline and its pilots could soon be over. the talks should be restarted with the nation's largest airline. america's
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parent company filed for bankruptcy last year giving them the option to throw out the pilots old contract. >> we'll be taking a quick break with more headlines for you. boy it's nice outside look at that. it will be warm but not as hard hot as it has been.
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>> present obama and that romney will be squaring off in their first presidential debate today. the showdown is going to be here in denver and will focus on the issue of the economy. it has been heavily emphasized during his campaign and that is what we're gonna talk about. they're trying to lower the expectations. there from the camp says that it's not about winning and the other side is saying that they're going to pressure the challenger. >> i think the debate is going to be interesting in their by-to back up their statements. they will be held to account for more than they have been held accountable for as far as the facts and details. >> governor romney is probably the underdog but i believe he's going to be ready. he'll be ready about the issues and that is what this campaign is about. >> fumbles can be costly.
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and quite a few people have lost elections because of the poor debate. you can sit on art 247 news and weather channel comcast's 193 as well as digital 4.2. >> a quick break is 7:26 a.m. and a live look outside as we check out where the a's are hoping to wrap it all up this afternoon around 1230 or so. they will play the rangers for the last of the season and if they win that they clinched the title. we will keep our fingers crossed, we will be right back. mçó4+y?i
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>> lets talk about the weather. will be as hot as it was yesterday? >> in node not by the stretch the imagination. are warmer spots only in the low 90s. we will see closed clear skies and sunshine today. as we head into tomorrow we will continue with the cool down with the warm spots only climbing into the upper 70's. we have changes ahead and potentially some sprinkles and the forecast. full details later on. >> looking at the san mateo bridge tried it is still a pretty good one running at about 12 to 40 minutes west down. we have not yet seen any construction backups. heavier traffic fell as you can see east bay freeway is pretty slow right now. the
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same is true for the south bay to 80. also highway 101 in the northbound direction. sula starting to bog down especially around highway 92 or on highway 101. the north bay drive times are still pushing 30 the 34 minutes on 11 southbound with heavier traffic coming in from palo loma on 11 south. >> the last game this season for the oakland a's today and their plan for the first place in the american league west. johnny comes picking up the catch fish honor award for the most inspirational player of the season. blackly pitched six innings giving up one at brown. 318 is when closing out the game they closing effort. let us look on the
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rangers faces with the a's winning the 31 game. they're tied with the rangers for 93 and 684 this season. there were 13 games behind the rangers and on june 30th. the 162nd game of the season and the athletics with the lowest payroll is playing against the $120 million rangers. the game starts at 1235 at the coliseum. also a big win for the giants last night as the kick the doctors to the occurred. we'll have more of that coming up. >> as of baseball for the next 15 minutes but right now getting back to a developing story of berkeley. a fire at the 29th hundred block. live at the scene and now that there is light out we can see the
7:32 am
damage is extensive. you can see here firefighters mopping up. we do know everyone got out of that home safely but they were displaced by that fire. it was a three alarm fire that they got out within about an hour. they will be on the scene all day mopping up in cleaning up and watching for hot spots in berkeley. >> a spree of shootings have oakland police looking for answers this morning. they're asking for the public self to get information and it is proven to be difficult. they're trying to come up with a plan to make a little easier for people to come forward with tips. >> oakland police have always ask for the public's help especially after violent crimes. it is an especially difficult for people to phone and steps but no one wants to die for fear of retaliation for phoning and tips. they've set up this new program called nextel. peoplinvestigatos
7:33 am
will be able to detect its steps and talk to it informant's anonymously. this system is being used by police stations all across the country. they're saying that it works and it does help them track down many fugitives, sometimes within an hour or so. how badly as is needed? if you include the five murders are the last 24 hours in oakland there have been 90 people killed in oakland so far this year. 81 at the same time last year. >> and the report finds that shootings involving oakland police that officers sometimes shot suspects without justification. the report was released yesterday and it finds that in nine recent shootings the use of force was questionable. the report comes as oakland leaders tried to avoid federal
7:34 am
takeover of the police force. they've been trying to make reforms for a decade ordered by a judge. they said that officers were imposing vigilantes' style justice. 70 demonstrators began chanting and shouting protests in the police shooting of al buford last may. the crowd did not quiet down until after the victim's father was handed the police report on that shooting. the victim's father said they were looking for answers for the part past five months. >> he is pronounced dead at 1220 he did not arrive to the corner until 345 personnel. he was missing for hours. i want to know what happened in the only way to find out is through the report. that is why we keep requesting reports and answers.
7:35 am
>> it appears to be a pretty comprehensive report. it still contains parts that are blacked out and stick pan. some of it has been redacted. police initially reported that the victim had been killed during an injureexchange. abate said later that the gun was recovered and that.... >> the boat capsized on monday and four fishermen were thrown into the water, all from sam francisco. to have life jackets on and swam to safety in the other to drown. their bodies were being looked for. the last body was found around l530 last night. the other two went missing in the search effort for the recovery
7:36 am
effort there and the second body was found yesterday. >> and accused school predator appeared in court yesterday. they're not releasing a photograph of the accused but he is accused of crimes against four different schools. most recently an attempted kidnapping in san mateo. now there are new suspicions that he tried to take pictures of a girl of girls and a restroom at a daily city school. he is facing 19 charges including possession of child pornography. >> in santa rosa to birds have been found dead in fact with the west now virus. technicians are now setting traps to determine the number of mosquitoes and the city and whether not they're carrying the virus. the virus is transmitted through mosquitoes. at high temperatures in standing water create ideal conditions for mosquitos to breed. this season is one of the worse for the west now
7:37 am
virus and years. nearly zero hundred and 50 deaths have been reported nationwide, most of them in texas. we will take a break is 7:36 a.m. and here is the south bay right now the traffic on a one-to-one it's ok. we'll get a full look at your commute in just a bit. [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> a quick reminder the blue angels will take to the skies over the bay area this weekend. kron4 is your best place to find all the action saturday at 3:00 p.m.. we'll have the special here for area. there's lots of stuff to do closer to the ground. everywhere you go there to be something to do. here's a look at what you can expect. >> in san francisco alone there more than half a dozen events this weekend. the american cup is already on its way and continues
7:41 am
through sunday. fleet week oslo kicks off this weekend with the blue angels had letting the air show saturday and sunday at the waterfront. the bluegrass festival is running on friday saturday and sunday in golden gate park. also sunday the italian heritage parade in north beach. the castro street fair and castro. and did i mention the giants' playoff? although we don't know what time or with their opponents will be a play on saturday and sunday. the forty-niners take to candlestick park on sunday as well. officials say your best bet to get around the city is to leave your car at home. take public transit. there will be extra buses and taxis in such. if you want to go green is san francisco by coalition says that there be special bike routes and by security at these events.
7:42 am
the south bay stanford football team host arizona on saturday afternoon. and madonna will be in concert at san jose's h-p pavilion on saturday and sunday. if madonna's yesterday as news for you, justin bieber is in town on saturday night. also in the east bay there is cal football vs. ucla on saturday night. there is also the play out of a's playoff games at the plate at the coliseum this weekend. get ready there is plenty to choose from. >> live in those lives sponsored by jeep will be carried here on conn. the blue angels will prthe performance of their legendary air show here on
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kron4. 0ñ@ñ
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>> 7:40 a.m. taking a look at temperatures as a pretty warm start to the morning. we have some '60s to report 62 in oakland 63 in san jose. we will warm things up as we head into the afternoon. the red on the screen indicates low 90s with temperatures a much cooler until we saw yesterday. as pleasant conditions along the coast
7:46 am
line and a little bit of cloud cover along the coast. the fog will come back into the evening hours by 8:00 p.m. look at how low those temperatures will go.that greatn indicates the '60s. afternoon highs '80s in the south bay 81 and sunnyvale 84 expected in campbell a degree warmer than that in los gatos and to an lp this 93 expected in livermore san leandro is at 79 degrees and a court to stay on tap for the north bay spots 84 and about in downtown san francisco as an afternoon high of 75 degrees. it seems pretty pleasant but keep in mind yesterday we were at around 9495. we're ashley 20 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. it beats like weather along the coast upper 60s along ocean beach in the a's with the
7:47 am
rangers again this afternoon the coliseum 1235 is your first pitch and temperatures will be in the mid to upper '70's. a sea breeze look again into the afternoon and we will see a cooling trend. seven day around the bay partly cloudy conditions and the potential for some rain. >> the san mateo bridge is a potential hot spots drive times are now pushing upwards toward 18 to 20 minutes across the span. there are pockets of stopping the traffic now reaching all the way back to the toll plaza from the construction area at the base of the high-rise. the steel plate that is down here is exactly what happened years ago on the san francisco oakland bay bridge. it is enough to cause a delay, people tap
7:48 am
the brakes and is slow down gradually works its way 7 mi. back to the toll plaza. dumbarton bridges a better route freedom. the san francisco oakland bay bridge there is a big back up again this morning with 22 minute drive time out of the macarthur maze. the golden gate bridge the volume is definitely building appear. the southbound ride against the spanish problem free. heavy traffic around the bay area 80 westbound is 26 minutes drive * 680 south is starting to slow down into alamo which is a typical pattern because of the land lost at the border road. 880 the nimitz freeway slowing for hayward from 238 south alvarado niles road. 580 west of course is heavy tracy also not pass 85 heavy in the saratoga and cupertino to 80 bogging down again and not backing up on the 680 south found. the mid
7:49 am
peninsula traffic is heavy especially around 84 on a one-on-one and at 92 for your connection with the sanitation bridge. the ride on 11 southbound through marin county is also looking at a 30 minute 38 minute drive time to the golden gate bridge. >> were down to the final game of the regular season and a mixed bag, i mean is this why they added the second wild-card to create all this drama? >> the mixed bag is always unbelievable. >> nationwide in the press i've seen various headlines calling the 8 l a l l actual lunacy. no one can believe what this team is doing. >> adds down to the and and people are saying what is going on are the a's going to play? the a's could end
7:50 am
up on the road in baltimore. but the yankees and the a's are explosive. if the a's lose they would open in baltimore then. >> in the meantime this game today at 12:35 p.m. this is an extraordinary chance. yesterday people just walk up and they had tendered 12,000 people just walk up and get tickets. >> today i bet the place will be packed. >> absolutely it was 30,000 people yesterday. with this team we always talk about the low payroll and the rookies. i was reading about to the pictures that are rookies, this time last year they were selling shoes. i've sold shoes and it is
7:51 am
not a fun-. >> it's not a fun job in your plane was strangers seeksee feet. >> it's not fun and these guys have such a good sense of humor that one of the guys said my manager taxidermy are you going to be coming back? he said no i'm glad to be focusing on other things. >> you get a nice season man or woman that has lived a long life and you're playing with their feet see t.... yet to tough it out to make it. >> i think that's why everyone likes these guys because they had regular
7:52 am
jobs and now here they are in the playoffs. >> these guys are exceptional athletes to. >> this is incredible and people are saying never going this week just forget it stick with the wild card. we will see today. >> the team with the most hours, i always kind of say well their pay in the most money they should win. you're watching and watching and then they're saying well demise will have them when again today. add a third of the payroll. >> days with the lowest payroll at the top of the league would be incredible. as we look at the national lake the giants....
7:53 am
>> who ever loses that game they're not paying each other, but whoever loses that game tonight... >> when the giants paula's off the dodgers and the dodgers were eliminated that let the cardinals clinch. >> i will give the giants credit. is a registered guys rest posethey say rest your guyi
7:54 am
bet you he does not play today. >> because it is not necessary? that wraps up with everything being undecided and we will talk tomorrow when we know a lot more. >> watch out for the a's. >> we will be right back
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7:57 am
it looked at their seven day around the bay cooler as we head towards the weekend, full forecast straight ahead.
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7:59 am
>> is wednesday october 3rd
8:00 am
and the biggest game in years for the oakland athletics' getting underway in just four hours from now. the pilot 24 hours in oakland leaves five people dead. we will show you where the shootings happened yesterday. >> firefighters had to put a house fire out at the 2900 block near ashby. they're still here, let's go live to the scene. >> firefighters and investigators are on the scene still trying to figure out what causes fire and the first place. it is pretty challenging because at one point the fire caused the ceiling to collapse creating a lot of pockets. they're finding hot spots as they are removing things, you can see this one firefighter trying to cut through this abri to figure out if it is safe. they have to remove it
8:01 am
so that it does not fall on anyone. the damage on the backside of the house really tells you how horrible this fire was. it really destroyed the home basically it has displaced a family of five. luckily they were able to escape. one was wheelchair-bound but got some assistance from the berkeley police department. they got everyone out of the home but as you can see it has basically told this house. there was a question as to whether not there was a propane tank that cause this, but it is still too early to tell. the investigator did tell me he found to propane tanks in the back of the home. one was connected to the barbecue and the other room was just on the deck. but he says it is way too early to think that that had any cause to it. again they were
8:02 am
on the back but you can see that the fire was really inside the home. it went up to the second floor and just burned out the whole roof. at this point investigators are taking their time because there's so much debris that they have to get through before they can cafigure out what caused this. >> thank god this wasn't yesterday it was so hot. you can see it's a little cooler out right now. >> and there is a breeze as well. take a look at our montand can this morning and you'll see for yourself. san jose at 62 degrees as well as in oakland with a mild start to the morning. it will be cooler, as downtown san francisco will be 20 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. we will continue with that cooling
8:03 am
trend. fog is back in the forecast and we have the potential for some sprinkles. more details coming up in my next report. >> slower traffic all over the bay area. the nimitz freeway from a wav headed towards the san mateo bridge may not be a hot spot right now but pretty close. we're looking at 17 to 19 minute drive times across the span. construction delays from the base of the high-rise have been trapped backing up traffic all the way to the toll plaza. it is a longer than usual right on westbound highway 92. >> a huge win for the days at the coliseum setting up the biggest game for the a's in years. 30,000 fans at the coliseum. the a's were up 3 01 and they beat the
8:04 am
rangers. they're now tied for first place in the american west. they share thathe 162nd game of the season starting in just a few hours for now. >> who would ever believe this story? the to lose maybe hundred games this year. that they have one of the lowest payrolls and all of baseball. on the last game of the season they said on the process of winning a division title. they are 93 to 688 tie with the rangers whose payroll sets at hundred and 20 million which is more than double what the a's payroll as. there were 30,000 fans that showed up, 15,000 showed up at the last minute and bought tickets. fans are lined up outside the gate here with cars
8:05 am
lined up waiting to get into the coliseum. the game starts at 12:35 p.m.. the fans are fired up. >> we did look like we run a poll of being tied for first at all. these guys are hanging in there and having fun and that's the main thing. them all they have to do is win today and then they when the american league west division championship. they are already in the playoffs, they did that on monday night. they're guaranteed a spot in the playoffs but by winning the division taken aboard going through this wild card playoff scenario. that would mean extra games for them. they were 13 games back on june 30th and they made this come back. they won five in a row if they win today that will be six and a row. >> march 29th is when they
8:06 am
started the season in tokyo against the mayor'mariners. >> the man was shot and killed yesterday afternoon in oakland which made it 5 murders in less than 24 hours. investigators from the scene of that most recent shooting and there's our picture from the same. they are roping that area off. they do not know that is related to the four other murders that happened in the past 24 hours. kron4 has learned about one of the victims was killed 23 year- old robert del a worker at the east oakland community center that also serve as a a counselor for the use. >> met ronnie and president obama of facing off in denver tonight. preparations have been underway for weeks. the focus is on
8:07 am
domestic issues with heavy emphasis on the economy. kron4 will be airing the entire presidential debate live from our 247 news and weather channel at 6:00 this evening on comcast 193 and digital channel 4.2. and eight minutes we have our political analyst coming up with a preview of the debates this evening. >> rumors are swirling this morning about a possible new apple products hitting the market just in time for the holidays. and here's a live look at our roof everything looks very clear and you did not see much win because that flag is not blowing but we are looking at much cooler weather today.
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8:09 am
8:10 am
>> wall street today the dow was up 21 points. they were doing more hiring than expected for payrolls in the month of september. looking ahead to friday's monthly unemployment report we're getting some positive indicators. >> also indicators that apple will have a new product on the line 7. a smaller version of the ipad is rumored to be released soon. the unveiling of the 8
8:11 am
in. screens have let that is going out november 8th. it should be hitting stores in time for the holiday season. but apple has not said a thing. they are not confirming or denying whether not this is coming out. during the height of recession and unemployment benefits were headed out to more than those just trying to make ends meet. unemployed millionaires collected their share, just over $11,000. this because neither the house or the senate had passed legislation limiting millionaires from collecting unemployment insurance benefits. cutting these benefits could save the country $20 million over the next decade. >> crows have been found dead infected with the blessed mild virus. traps have been set to determine the number of milk infected
8:12 am
mosquitoes are in the city. high temperatures and standing water have created ideal conditions for them to bleedbreed which causes the infections to be more likely. we'll have a preview of the presidential debate coming up next.
8:13 am
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8:18 am
>> you have for years of president obama as a record out there. hopefully he does not have them scribbled on his hand. >> obama said early on in his administration, it is a one-term proposition. i would use that as a zinger. i would use that he said i'm here from state for change but that only comes from the outside. romney can say i'm from the house side.outside. ifm
8:19 am
obama i have the opportunity to drill in that 47 percent boatboat-- >> the polls are going to tighten up between now and november. i do not see an exceptionally great news. the key note is what are the polls and the swing states. if obama wins 2 out of the seven he wins the election. ohio + one basically gives him the election. the path for romney as he has to win florida. that is a big store for him to do. this is his reset night and if he can do
8:20 am
it, we will see. >> we are hoping to try to do something with facebook and twitter. it is going to be a long day. >> we will join you and don't forget you can catch the debate live here on the crown 247 news channel 123 and digital channel 4.2. >> it looks like this evening we can actually see some fog and temperatures will be in the '60s. much different from what we saw yesterday as we turn our attention to the headlines. it is a clear start to the day and the sea breeze look again for the afternoon hours. low seventies climbing into the low nineties and will continue with the cooling trend. there is a potential for wet weather. that coming up in
8:21 am
just a bit but you can see that these afternoon highs yellow ones in red the red does indicate '90s. yesterday we saw 93 much everywhere but today that as reserve for the livermore valley. comfortable conditions in san francisco mid-70s expected and '80s was some of our east bay shoreline. the fog will make a comeback around 8:00 p.m. and expect sixties and low '70's. afternoon highs tended to 20 degrees colder than yesterday it just events on where you're located. sunnyvale 81, 85 for los gatos and climbing to the low nineties for fair feud livermore in antioch. san leandro and castro valley for 82. 84 in napa and 83 and palo. san francisco 20 degrees cooler
8:22 am
than we experience yesterday in daly city at 72 degrees 84 in san bruno. for those having to the a's game it is certainly a game changer later on this afternoon at 12:35 p.m. expect temperatures in the '70s. changes to talk about as we head into the weekend with our 7 day around the bay forecast saturday and sunday morning when a cloud cover and 10 percent chance of rain. the chances increase as we start the next workweek. >> we have not had anyncidents g and we are tracking the number of really slow areas for the commute. san mateo bridge the westbound ride is still running about 18 minutes. from time to time it is still stopping go even at the toll plaza. there are pockets of slowing go sometimes stopping the traffic at all the way across the span after the construction zone. particularly slow this morning interstate 80 drive
8:23 am
time should be about 28 minutes it is run in 34 minutes all the way down to berkeley. there is a big bay bridge back up that loss will show you in a moment. the south bay to a ride northbound is clocking in at 28 minutes it should be about 24. 85 is pretty heavy from the on monday valley almost all weapon to mountain view. the bay bridge ride westbound backup reaches all the way to the edge of the macarthur maze. the 80 approach is your best bet that it is still an 18 minute drive to get to san francisco from the nimitz. the golden gate bridge right here it is fairly attract heavy traffic on the stand, trafproblem free all the way to eggnog cl. things are little better from there. >> the standoff between american and airlines as pilots could soon be over,
8:24 am
details ahead. a beautiful book this morning with a view from the golden gate. c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1 c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1
8:25 am
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8:26 am
>> border patrol authorities say nicholas id came under fire responding to a sensor that when off by the border. another agent was wounded but does not have life-
8:27 am
threatening injuries. local investigators are working with the border patrol. he joined in 2008 and is the third agent to die this year. the army says that he refuses to shave four court appearances and stating that he wears a beard for religious appearapractices. he is responsible for an attack that killed 13 and wounded two others. >> american airlines and its pilot standoff could be coming to an end. there's a strike but that was set to end today and it could start talks with the third largest airline in the nation and its pilots. the judge gave
8:28 am
the airline the right to throw out the pilots old contract perrin that the a's have their biggest game in years coming up today. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> i warmus in the area is climbing into the '90s but the fog will return. we will see cooler conditions and a cooling trend as we head into tomorrow. full details on what to expect this weekend coming up in just a
8:31 am
bit. pamel >> 20 minute drive times across the span with stopping the conditions currently at the toll plaza. what you hit the bridge it is possible that until after 10:00 you could run into slow and go or stopping go conditions. the construction at the base of the high-rise will force the closure of the bridge for two consecutive weekends later this month. >> the oakland athletics at a huge win last night and that set up for this winner- take-all game for today. travis blackly allowed just one run over six innings. they are tied with the rangers for the west. this is the final game of the season is the 162nd game.
8:32 am
jackie sizzle as alive as the fans at already started to gather. >> they are living up to their nickname as the amazing days. probably one of the best stories in baseball in the last 10 or 15 years. one of the smallest payrolls and baseball buff for s, left for dt the side of the road. they put themselves in a flatfooted tie with the texas rangers here at 93 and 68. they take off for the american league west championship. good news if they win today they win the division title. they will open the gate at
8:33 am
9:00 for the 12:35 p.m. game. there are a lot of people that are going to be calling in sick today with the a's fever. >> magical, magical. one more game today and we win the division and we will be back going all the way to the world series. we are going to take it this year. >> my entire family is playing hooky today. we've had this plan for about three weeks. this is a great day for the game and for these kids, it is unbelievable. >> there is a calculation out there i was on the internet looking around and they calculated basically how much when cost each team. they take the payroll and/the amount of wednesday have. the a's have the highest percentage each when cost them $600,000. the
8:34 am
boston red sox cost to a half million dollars per win. the thing brad pitt is available to play monday ball to. >> john hill said if the a's win the series they both want rangs. >> another story the violence continuing to escalate in oakland. there have been five murders in less than 24 hours. within about an hour of a and a half of each other. as we look at the shootings, we are talking about what they're doing in the city to stop the violence. that is another thing they have to figure out. where the
8:35 am
shootings happened that they are looking at a new tip system to try to solve these murders. >> incidents involving oakland police says that officers are sometimes shooting without provocation. and nine recent shootings the force is questionable. the report comes as they are trying to avoid a federal takeover of the police force. their accusations that four police officers were at inflicting vigilante justice. >> protesters were protesting the fatal shooting from last may. they calmed down after the fatherthe victim's father was handed the police report. they believe there are discrepancies in the initial reporting by police and they believe that is why it took
8:36 am
so long for them to get the official report. >> he was just missing for hours, i want to know what happened. the only way we can find out is through the reports. that is why we keep requesting reports and answers. >> report is an inch thick and still contains parts blackened out. initially they said there was an exchange of gunfire but the following day the than the leading to have been the victims have been recovered and not fired and the officers injury to his foot was self-inflicted. >> the murder trial continues for the woman accused of stalking and killing michelle lei. ley was blamed for the relationship being ruined with her daughter's father.
8:37 am
the father said that he was receiving accusing text messages saying that he was having an affair with lay. as the bond has pleaded not guilty. the fishermen that went missing when the boat capsized has been found. the boat was hit by a big wave. to slam the safety but the other two died in the water. the coast guard says the other body was found in half moon bay by the coast guard last night. the boat capsized near pigeon point on sunday as you can see here it was flipped over and on the rocks. two of the people on board were able to swim to safety as i said but the other two died and their bodies have both now been found. >> will be back and still had surprising numbers as how many teams are driving under the influence of
8:38 am
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8:40 am
i am not a surprising drop in the number of teams driving.0 percent of high-school students have admitted to drinking and driving. that number is partly because the
8:41 am
drinking age has been lowered to 21. birth rates fell for the fourth year in a row but the decline in 2011 was just 1%. there were a steep declines and hispanic birthrates and a new low for teen births. births had been on the rise for the late nineties. >> if you are trying to ward off the snuffles you can forget about taking vitamin d. studies show that that bynum and does nothing to prevent colds or us upper respiratory tract infections. people given vitamin d reported a similar number of goals as those given the placebo. two
8:42 am
previous clinical trials have produced similar results. you go for this see if you have a cold. and i didn't get a paper or a steady either. we'll have more on this train derailment as it left oakland. we will hear from the driver about what went wrong. we'll hear from him next.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> 8:45 a.m. and there is a fire at this house and berkeley that has displaced several people. they think the fire started with a propane tank and be back, but no one was hurt. >> 5 murders happening within 24 hours of each other in oakland. the police have a new tip site where they are trying to get help with these homicides.
8:46 am
and the rangers were defeated by the a's in front of 30,000 fans. we are waiting for the game to begin today that could make them the new champs. >> their cars that derailed from this train. the trucker is unable to explain why he drove his big break through that flashing crossing gate, striking that train. the trained originally left from oakland. the truck driver was driving at 50 mi. per hour when he slammed into that train. he had the last of the four cars that word on that engine. about 38 people were injured >> the golden gate bridge looks sunny but george does have a hot spot.
8:47 am
>> again the san mateo bridge with a 22 minute drive time. that is twice the normal commute length and this is all results as that of the construction that has been going. again jammed up across the span against the construction zone 8 the status way for an hour. that is not the only hot spot we're tracking some release the conditions here on interstate 80 where the west down ride is 34 minutes from hercules to berkeley. interstate 880 the nimitz freeway is a slow ride, 26 to 28 minutes out of san leandro heading north into downtown oakland. 101 is happier with a 37 minute drive time out of the cavity valley as you head north towards santa clara. the
8:48 am
north bay bridge of the drive times are running about 18 to 22 minutes depending on your approach. 18 and they're coming from the nimitz freeway. the golden gate bridge ride through moran especially down to highway 37, up it is a typical ride to the golden gate bridge. it is problem free but have the as you had across the span. >> that was a gorgeous shot of the golden gate bridge. blue skies and sunshine already with a clear start to the morning. temperatures are cooler compared to 24 hours ago. mid-60's in san jose 63 out the door in oakland. as we head into the afternoon by 3:00 p.m. we will see three colors for the most part. yellow indicating '70s orange shows the '80s, and brad showing the '90s for some of our inland areas. and to the evening hours by 8:00 p.m.
8:49 am
we will see the majority of the bay area grain indicating '60s. much cooler conditions and we will see a return of fog but not until way later. afternoon highs '80s and the south bay 81 in los gatos. low 90s for fairfield antioch and liver and i. temperatures have dropped about 20 degrees. 82 in castro valley and yesterday's sam downtown san francisco hit 95 degrees today 20 degrees cooler at 75. 80 in the lotto 82 in san rafael and yes we do have a cooling trend heading our way. the area of high pressure is moving well to our south and we are tracking a system that could bring rain to the forecast.
8:50 am
i want to highlight fleet week and those watching of blue angeles this weekend foggy in the morning breezy and the weekend and a little study as we head into the afternoon. temperatures low to mid 60's at best. we have the potential for some wet weather and a 10 percent chance saturday and sunday of spotty showers near the golden gate bridge as we start the next work week. >> the blue angels are taking to the sky this weekend and kron4 will give you the chance to catch all the live action at 3:00 p.m.. what they're not your keeping your eyes to this guy are close to the ground there is a lot going on this weekend. >> and san francisco alone there are more than a half- dozen events this weekend. america's cup world series is ari under way and continues along them through sunday. fleet week kicks off and kicks off--runs this
8:51 am
weekend along the waterfront. the bluegrass festival is running friday, saturday and sunday and golden gate park. also on sunday the italian heritage for re in north beach. the giants playoffs although we don't know what time or who their opponents will be but they'll play both saturday and sunday. the forty-niners take to the field in candlestick park on sunday as well. city officials say are best bet to get around the city is leave your car at home. public transit will have additional buses and ferries trains and taxis. if you want to go grain the san francisco by coalition says there were also be special bike routes and free secured by parking at many of these events. i'm already exhausted but i'm not done because yet to jump to the south bay. stanford's
8:52 am
football team hosts arizona saturday afternoon. madonna will be in concert at a speech to the end on saturday and sunday. justin bieber is in town at oracle a raid on saturday night. also an east bay there is cal football vs. ucla on saturday night. there's also the plight of games for the a's at the coliseum. >> kron4 is a place to watch the blue angels live presented by jeep will bring you all the sights and sounds of the blue angels as they fly over the bay saturday live at 3:00 p.m. this weekend. am i still had a hurricane will not be the only storms with names on them. we would study by the weather channel slightest
8:53 am
idea coming up next. i live look out a san jose a there is a lot of sunshine will be back in a moment. you disgust me.
8:54 am
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking, no touching. d-con. get out.
8:56 am
>> of the dow now gains 44 points. a new job reports coming from the private sector. yesterday's losses are raised to 13,528. >> naming winter's storms is common in europe and we are going to start that here. like hurricanes. they have the list already it starts with athena and ends with zeus. they go
8:57 am
alphabetically. the weather channel is naming the storm's not the government. >> i can't wait for cesar, that's one of the names this year. >> coming up the biggest game in years and oakland. we have a live report coming up. five people shot and killed in oakland new details coming up ahead. winners and losers on wall street will have rob black coming up. the presidential debate we will speak about that coming up in just two minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> a buy last 24 hours and oakland leave the five people dead. we'll show you where the shootings happened. >> we are coming up on the first presidential debate of 2012. we will show you who will come out on top. will this be a game changer for either candidate and this election? >> the stage is set for some political theater and tender. you can expect to hear both candidates make a persuasive case to voters. who has the better plan to turn this economy around? present about--obama power
9:01 am
of the competition change? >> he's got to connect policies to the economic conditions that we're experiencing right now. yet to meet the choice between himself and governor romney. >> they say the debate is not about winning. >> obama advisers are also spending, reminding president-as voters that the present has had to cut back on some of his spending.
9:02 am
>> both sides, and fumbles could be costly. >> after tonight's debate candidates will square off two more times before election day. >> remember we are going to carry the live on interrupted a debate on our 247 news and weather channel comcast 193 and digital 4.2. that is tonight at 6:00 p.m.. >> we're looking for cooler weather this week. we're starting to get a bit of relief from the hot weather in the triple digits. there is a live look at the fog free golden gate bridge. temperatures are mainly in the '50s and '60s and we have a couple of '70s on the map. about 72 and antioch
9:03 am
and 71 in san jose. sampras that cisco is at 65 and temperatures could be driving as as much as 20 degrees. in to tonight sunny during the day but kohler along the coast. low nineties for the warmus spots but the triple digits are definitely out of the forecasts. we will let you know exactly how cool it is going to get in your neighborhood and what is coming ahead. but right now we're going to george. >> we continue to monitor what has been a hot spot on highway 92 at the san mateo bridge. conditions have improved a bit but it is still way behind schedule. there is a 19 to 18 minute commute which is nearly double the normal commute time. this is all due to
9:04 am
construction that is going on at the base of the high- rise. there is miles of slowing the traffic for you again this morning. >> of the oakland a's are just hours away from playing for the title after winning against rangers yesterday in front of 30,000 fans. a tiny bombs at the home run. at the athletics tie the rangers now in this improbable run. both teams have 93 wins and the final deciding game of the season is today. jackie sissel it is at the coliseum with the fans as they began to gather. >> you can see fans here at the stadium having breakfast in the parking lot waiting for this improbable season to come to its finality today. game 162 and it is
9:05 am
for all the marbles. they're in a flat footed tie with the texas rangers. the winner is the winner of the american league west and who would have thought this cinderella on steroids. this is the most improbable story in baseball this year. their 13 games behind the texas rangers and came storming back to tie last night and this victory over them. the winner today is a winner of the division and we had a chance to talk to fans earlier this morning. they started arriving about 6:00 this morning. they let open the gates at about 10 minutes ago. and a lot of people had the fever and are going to be calling in sick today. >> i then think we're going to be able to pull off tied for first at all. these guys never gave up safe and
9:06 am
they're having fun and they're hanging in there. >> to but it in perspective the a's payroll is about $55 million and the texas rangers have about 120 million. the new york yankees have won more when have almost $200 million in payroll. the aces came out of nowhere after the all- star game and just kept winning and winning. its five and a row and six in a row gets in the division title. they are five and five against the yankees this year. >> we have to live shots to show you one out of this is the university of new hampshire in durham where former president bill clement clinton is coming to the podium on behalf of president obama. the other live shot is out of denver
9:07 am
colorado where the debate is one to happen tonight. we have a rally that has been put together. and mark of rubio is going to be on speaking on behalf of met rubio is going to be on speaking on behalf of met r[ male announcer ] introducing sizzler's signature sandwiches. starting at $6.99. our tri-tip with hand-breaded onion straws, our crispy shrimp smothered in bang bang sauce, and tuscan chicken on focaccia. sizzler.
9:08 am
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9:10 am
>> the team had just finished from flying over hawaii. there is no word yet when the other planes will arrive. thursday and friday afternoon they will be practicing. on saturday and
9:11 am
sunday that will perform during fleet week. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> coming up on kron 4 morning news we will continue to speak about the cool down. right now is 71 degrees and it will cool off to about 88 degrees.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>> welcome back to kron 4 news. our financial adviser rob black is here to let us know about the winners and losers. >> we are in the fourth courter and so far this year we have balanced inflation data would some positives.
9:15 am
for instance manufacturing is up and automakers are up. there is a lot of good that is coming in the economy. beer sales are zero on the rise. is this an economic sign? i am confident on all those cels and i matts it up to the beer sales. this is telling you that a lot of blue collar people are back to work. construction workers, electricians and all those who manufacture things. is not good enough in itself but take a look at but weiser's stock. they have had amazing years. you could drink yourself into retirement. in a way
9:16 am
when you buy the bear and you own some of the stocks you are actually helping out. let's go on to best buy. the company went public they were tried to take a drive. their stated that they will pay about $22 a share. it should happen by november when the 60 days of due diligence is over. i went into a best buy a few weeks ago and now it feels like a mausoleum of death. it is not comfortable. that asian come community still would like to go to retail stores like the one i we just go on amazon and order. what about extended warranties? >> let's talk
9:17 am
about the auto mobile rebounds. are all sales back? >> i do think this was the best outcome. i do agree with government bailouts 14.9 million cars are being traded in by americans. trucks are also up and they're doing well on the market. this is good day all around. i want people to be more optimistic than what they are now. we will have more optimism from rob coming up tomorrow. >> at 9:17 a.m.. we have plenty of sunshine and no complaining he even though it will cool off. the hot
9:18 am
weather comes to end end today and it will feel more like fall. the temperature will draw about 10 degrees. later this afternoon the breeze will kick in. there are no triple digits and node 90 south here today it would just be in the '70s and '80s. tomorrow we will continue a cooling trend and the fog will continue. we will still see cooling every day and we do have a storm coming with a slight chance of rain. by 3:00 p.m. this afternoon it will be mainly 60s the '70s and '80s along the bay. there will not be too many of them. if you have plans for the evening
9:19 am
by 8:00 p.m. cooling will continue and will be in about 60s. as i stated it will get cooler than what we saw yesterday. redwood city 82 degrees. there ought not to mid-90s and the south bay. nine days out there for fairfield, antioch and walnut creek. san francisco will not be as hot as it was yesterday but is still will be nice at 75 degrees. todawe have another home game tinnitus oakland a's take on the rangers at 12:35 p.m..
9:20 am
>> the ride on an mer interstate 80. no major accidents oaccidents just a litt aslope driving. it is jammed up at hayward and down to 237. it has been about 51 minutes. 26 minutes is a
9:21 am
more of a normal commute. it is still way behind schedule on santa clara. it should be closer to 20 to 24 minutes at this hour in the morning. the san mateo bridge was a hot spot this morning but it is also still slow and it will probably be like this until about 10:00 a.m. will see things clear route. for your bay bridge ride on wes ball it is still back up way beyond the 80. your commute to the golden gate bridge is very east now the heavy traffic is now gone. >> we will be right back as kron 4 news keeps you up to date with the fifth fleet
9:22 am
news. we are waiting for a craft to r.i. halare arrived. we will have a lie is a look with the u.s. navy coming up.
9:23 am
9:24 am
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9:25 am
>> a navy hovercraft is scheduled to land. the military and vehicle is scheduled to arrive at 10:00 a.m.. and san francisco called we do not want any confusion over this drill. there has been some confusion so far but they are expected to end. people are waiting for it to arrive and it will be smack down in the middle of ocean beach. there will be generals, vips, mayor. so basically
9:26 am
this is a hospital here it is a mobile hospital that is set up in times of war. should there be an earthquake that can set this up within one hour and have the emergency room doctors ready to go. this is basically a band-aid. they will take care of you as much as they can. they currently use this in afghanistan. let's see if we can talk with a lieutenant. >> i are yare you a part of the navy? >> if it takes one hour to set the. it is basically is of mass units as we can show up and set up onside and move from the
9:27 am
ship right to the shoreline. this is a shot of a platoon and it is mobile. if this is what you might find out in town and we can take about 50 casualty's. we can provide them the necessary care that we have at with our resources. we can do this with our supply up to 24 hours. air >> is not it is more critical because you could go to any level trauma unit and you will find more gunshots victims and the first time and a 18 year-old marin comes through like missing both of their legs and no amount of training can prepare you for that. thank you so much
9:28 am
lieutenant. let's look at this. they moved this hospital with about six to eight crates and they can be set up anywhere in the world. >> it is almost 9:30 a.m. we're looking at almost 10:00 we will is and here in san francisco where have the blue angels who landed yesterday. that will be going a practice run on thursday and friday and the big show is saturday october the sixth and we will have all of th for you. the coverage would be alive at 3:00 p.m..
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> good morning is cooler today and it will be cooler throughout the week. we are off to a clear start with no
9:31 am
fault. it will be nice and mild for the afternoon with a lot of '70s and '80s with just only a few nineties. the cooling will continue and the fog will return at the coast line. it will be nice but not as hot as just a day. the triple digits are out of the forecast but we still may have some 90s in antioch and livermore valley. it is much cooler in downtown san francisco and in redwood city you are getting up to 82 degrees. i will have your fleet week forecast coming up. >> as we are still attracting some slowdown hot spots like the ride on the minute freeway. the ride through oakland is better but the ride through hayward is still way behind schedule. it is now at 51
9:32 am
minutes to get from 92 to highway 37. this is taking a really long time and this is twice the usual drive time. the 101 through san jose is still way behind schedule. the ride looks very delay would all of this red on the roadway. the drive time is 37 minutes and it should be closer to 24 minutes. >> we're all talking about bay area baseball and about the giants and how they wrapped up the division. where are now talking about oakland a's who have a big night at the coliseum. >> travis blackly following he was there with three hits. not so great since returning to the lineup.
9:33 am
with the home run bygones they go three to one with the insurance run there it is all smiles at the coliseum. we're down to the final game at the coliseum and if that a's win. they're tied with the rangers. with the big game coming up in just about three hours at 12:35 p.m. when arresting tickets and stuff is going for $300 as they try to clinch the american league west. >> firefighters are on the scene of a house fire that broke out on been view avenue. you this kid here on this global map. we are live on the scene and we will take a look at how they are doing the mambo. in fact they have not been able to do a thorough investigation
9:34 am
because there are other areas that may have cause danger. they're trying to deal with the flooded basement of the house and they have to pump out the water. they have a lot of logistics with this. you could see how damaged this house is and it is considered a total loss. here are some videos that i took on the backside. when firefighters arrived abthis morning they saw a lot of flames and smoke coming from the back of the house. the see how destroyed it is. luckily no one was hurt in this fire but unfortunately family members have been displaced and that cannot no longer live in this house. this is really a three alarm fire because the ceiling collapsed and had to go into a defensive mode. they were
9:35 am
shooting water from the ladder outside of the house and there is so much water inside the basement. they have to really drench this fire from spreading to the other two houses adjacent. at one point they had to evacuate those people from their own but they are now back at their homes. there is a lot lot of branches. firefighters were able to contain it to justice one home. investigators say that they did find to propane tanks and in the visually the thought this was because but now the investigators are stating that that is what started the fire. there really won't know what started it until the investigation is complete. >> other stores that we are
9:36 am
following is that a news report follofollowing police. robbers stated that in nine related shootings that a lot of the shootings bob officers are questionable. the department has been trying for a decade to make reforms through a judge. for officers were tried to get justice. >> after more than 70 demonstrators shouted and protests that of the fatal shooting of allen. the crowd did not quiet now until the victim's father was handed a copy of the report. the family stated that they were looking for answers hopeful
9:37 am
from the last pact five months. they wanted to know why the police took so long to provide the with the report. i want to know what happened and the only way that we can find out is through the report. that is why we keep requesting the report so that we can get answers. the report is about an inch thick and parts of it has been blacked out. there stating that he was killed because of an exchange with a gun fire. there were stating that the gun was recovered. >> a live look at mount cam and we're waiting for the cool down.
9:38 am
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9:41 am
information about amtrak train that derailed. the trucker who ran into the train stated that he is unable to explain why he drove his truck through the train. the chp is stating that the driver was driving about 90 mi. per hour. medina and 39 others were injured. >> 9:41 a.m. now and the weather channel is assigning names to winter storms. this would be the similar way that the door for hurricanes but they are named by the government. the weather channel would like to brand the storms that which it can get more people to plan ahead. they will use names like cesar but that will
9:42 am
star with a peanut and in with zeus. they do name their storms in europe and this is something that we have not done. they expect to start doing that the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. >> oakland a's to try to win the american league west. the game is sold out at the coliseum and the tickets are about $300. the a's are born to try to pull off a miraculous victory. this game was started 12:35 p.m.. will be right path
9:43 am
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>> we are back following the latest with the debate campaign. bill clinton is speaking in dhahran n.c.. we do not have much time left with the show but let's see how much we can listen to. >> in the federal government gave the money for the student loans directly to the universities and set money aside. they did this rather than having the banks subsidize them. this made the loans cheaper and in addition we gave every student on a student loan program time to pay back. tonight to the mate collaps >> tonight's debate will be tonight. bill clinton spent
9:57 am
time defending the president. you could go to 24 again this coverage begins as 6:00 p.m. tonight. tice the navy hovercraft is expected to land at 10:00 a.m. and it is a part of day defense program. this is all part of sleets we. do not forget to watch the blue angels live at 3:00 p.m. on saturday. the oakland a's game has sold out and is about $300 per ticket. gold days. we will see you back here tomorrow morning.
9:58 am
dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
9:59 am
erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.


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